Your voice is the gateway to communication. First impressions are often formed with your first word! Good vocal quality is important for all communication, whether you are speaking one to one, in a small group, on the telephone, or presenting in front of a large group.
  • Is your voice easily heard?
  • Does your voice feel “tired” after speaking? Do you lose your voice?
  • Is the quality of your voice nasal, breathy or harsh?
  • Do you use appropriate inflection, intonation?
  • Do you speak in a monotone?
  • Do you speak too fast, or too slow?
  • Do others understand you?


Voice Improvement can help you:

  • Acquire methods for voice relaxation.
  • Develop breathing techniques to provide adequate breath support.
  • Increase volume (loudness, force, strength).
  • Project you voice so that it can be heard.
  • Reduce mumbling.
  • Improve vocal quality.
  • Utilize vocal variety when you speak.

Captivate your listener, your audience, with a voice that is appropriate and distinct.

Develop a voice that conveys emotion, is pleasant to listen to, and easily heard.

Speak with good enunciation, and speech that is easy to understand.

Acquire the techniques to create a voice that is flexible, with variations in rate, pitch, inflection and volume.

Make a good first impression!

Optimize your communication potential by improving your voice!