Anne Marie Strauss iSpeak Clearly

“You might have learned American English as a grown up and kept a heavy foreign accent or you might have a strong regional accent. In both cases, Anne Marie is the go-to professor to fix your problems – she will make you hear what you don’t and she will teach you how to say things more clearly.
In professional and personal life, there is nothing more disturbing than not being understood well by others no matter whether you are talking to a large conference or to a clerk at the grocery shop. Being clear is always good, and often it is indispensable.
Anne Marie has several ways to engage your attention during her classes. She is clear and persistent. She aims at the result and she will help you greatly to express yourself better when you speak to others. That is what she did for me.”

(Tiziana B.)

During our classes I’ve learned a lot! First of all, I realized my accent was just a result of learning wrong pronunciation at school and I would never be able to fix it by myself because I couldn’t hear my mistakes in pronunciation. I myself could not compare. I needed someone like you with your program. You completed a full analysis of my speech and then you worked with me on each sound I had a problem with to make sure I know how to pronounce it correctly now.
All of my American friends noticed a significant difference!” Thank you!


“Great class, Great Instructor.
I would highly recommend this class to anyone who was motivated to speak more clearly.”


“I love this class because thanks to you, I can hear my errors in my pronunciations, and fix them.”


“This class has been very helpful. I have become aware of sounds in the English language I never knew before. Anne Marie is one of the best teachers I have had. She is exceptional, good, dedicated and presented the material in a very enjoyable manner.”


“This course has been most helpful and the presentation was excellent. A lifetime of “poor” diction might possibly be corrected with this course.”

(J. M.)