Struggling with social situations, especially public speaking, is ranked as one of the worst fears that people have. When in the position of speaking in front of strangers or large groups, it’s as if you lose all confidence, poise, and abilities. Your body language tenses. Your memory escapes you. You suddenly have a difficult time getting your point across.

  • Do you have a fear of speaking in public?
  • Does your anxiety interfere with your ability to project your voice and be heard?
  • Do you speak in with a monotone voice that lacks emotion?
  • Does your audience seem bored, inattentive?
  • Does your difficulty with public speaking interfere with career advancement?

Learn How To:

  • Develop the components of effective public speaking: What to say, and how to say it!
  • Acquire breathing and relaxation techniques to reduce anxiety.
  • Create content that captures and maintains the attention of your audience.
  • Develop vocal variety that will convey sincerity and emotion.
  • Use your words, your voice, and your body language to tell your story.
  • Add business presentation techniques that give you a competitive edge.
  • Evaluate and modify presentations with guided support and video recordings.
  • Captivate your audience with the Power of Communication!

To be an effective speaker, you must be able to communicate with enthusiasm, and engage your audience with confidence, in order to deliver your message.

Acquire communication strategies, which focus on the fundamentals of public speaking and presentation skills.

Demonstrate leadership potential.

Stand out above the competition.

Speak with confidence and success!